[s7upf_text_header text=”Post Masonry Grid Features” margin_bottom=”17″]
  • Custom post type source
  • Custom total items
  • 3 style display(Show all, Load more button, Lazy load)
  • 39 item styles
  • Show/hidden Filter
  • Set items per row
  • Set gap between grid items
  • 3 style of animation load(None, Default, Fade In)
  • 20 item product styles
  • Order / Sort order items
  • Design load more button
  • Design filter list
  • Custom filter list
  • Advanced design options
[s7upf_text_header text=”Grid default icon” sub_text=”Item style: Default icon” margin_bottom=”17″]
[s7upf_text_header text=”Grid Scale” sub_text=”Item style: Scale in with rotation” margin_bottom=”17″]
[s7upf_text_header text=”Grid side” sub_text=”Item style: Fade with side content” margin_bottom=”17″]
[s7upf_text_header text=”Grid icon” sub_text=”Item style: Slide bottom with icon” margin_bottom=”17″]
[s7upf_text_header text=”Grid Flip” sub_text=”Item style: Vertical flip”]
[s7upf_text_header text=”Grid No Animation” sub_text=”Item style: No animation” margin_bottom=”17″]
[s7upf_text_header text=”Grid Slide Out” sub_text=”Item style: Go top slide out” margin_bottom=”17″]
[s7upf_text_header text=”Grid Slide Left” sub_text=”Item style: Slide from left” margin_bottom=”17″]
[s7upf_text_header text=”Grid Slide Top” sub_text=”Item style: Slide from top” margin_bottom=”17″]